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WellnessPROTECT® Absorptive Filters

SKU GF0567
  • Blue-blocking (470nm)
  • Lenses; blocks 100% UVA and UVB
  • Style: Top, bottom and side shields
  • Tint Color: brown

WellnessPROTECT® made in Germany ,Contrast-Enhancing Absorptive Filters

Eschenbach offers a number of customized solutions in our WellnessPROTECT® line of blue light blocking absorptive filters. Blue light is the high energy, short wavelength light that can easily scatter as it crosses through different media in the eye, causing intra-ocular glare and reduction in contrast. WellnessPROTECT® eyewear blocks this bothersome blue light.
All-round protection for the eyes against the harmful rays of the sun and against unpleasant glare.
Visually appealing and improved color recognition in comparison to conventional cut-off filters.
Improved contrast vision.
Suitable for wearing whilst driving.

Product features

Improved contrast vision and minimisation of glare by blocking short-wave, energy-rich light components.

 brand quality “MADE IN GERMANY”.

Eschenbach Optik carries out all of this work at its site in Nuremberg and this is how we are able to guarantee exceptional brand quality “MADE IN GERMANY”


Lens Type: Blue-blocking (470nm) lenses; blocks 100% UVA and UVB
Frame Size: 54mm
Temple Size: 145mm
Bridge Size: 16mm
Style: Top, bottom and side shields

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