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Radiation Glasses

X-ray Radiation Protective Eyewear

 Regardless of the amount of radiation, these glasses can be your most treasured accessory to protect your eye health.I nterventional radiologists, cardiologists, and other medical staff can suffer pre-cataract lesions without the proper radiation eyewear.

  • $439.00

    Glasses Laser Co2/Excimer

    Phillips Safety

    New glasses to protect your eyes.  The Co2/Excimer Filter is a laser safety lens made of a white CO2 Polycarbonate filter. It is cut and mounted in...

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  • $79.00

    Fitover Forensic Glasses with Especial Filter

    Phillips Safety

    Forensic Glasses being the most popular. Lightweight, and durable rubberized nylon frame that is designed to fit over prescription eyewear. These g...

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  • from $37.90

    Bifocal Safety Glasses

    Low Vision Miami

    The best Bifocal Safety Glasses The Model Bif. is a modern, semi-rimless bifocal safety glass. Its wide wraparound lens offers a greater lateral p...

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    from $37.90
  • $279.00

    Radiation Glasses 15

    Phillips Safety

    Sports type glasses Clear This glasses are rectangular hipster style safety frame made out of high quality TR-90 Nylon that has permanent side shie...

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  • $258.00

    Radiation Glasses 17

    Phillips Safety

    Sports type glasses The RG-17007A is a sporty, light weight plastic frame with integrated lateral protection. With secure grip rubber temples and a...

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  • $195.00

    Radiation Glasses 250

    Phillips Safety

    Radiological Glasses The Model 250 radiation protective glasses feature ratcheting and adjustable length temple bars. This product offers our stand...

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  • $250.00

    Radiation Glasses 206

    Phillips Safety

    Modern Glasses RX The model 206 is constructed of high impact TR-90 nylon and utilizes a classic safety style that is solid, sturdy, and comfortabl...

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  • $234.00

    Radiation Glasses 52

    Phillips Safety

    The best Glasses For your daily medical practice   Radiation protective glasses are a classic in radiation protection frames, offering a large view...

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  • $189.00

    Fito Radiation Glasses 66

    Phillips Safety

    Rxable Radiation Eyeglasses The 66 is a great standard for a multitude of medical and scientific applications. The temple bars are fully adjusta...

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  • $199.00

    Fitover Radiation Glasses 33

    Phillips Safety

    We carry a large selection of fit-over sizes for all face shapes. Fitover radiation protective glasses offer a comfortable, lightweight, and durabl...

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