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Lighting and Contrast

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Lighting needs for the partially sighted. Using LED and flourescent lighting can help when living with Visually Impaired.Eschenbach and Dioptics Medical Products have partnered to offer low vision practitioners a line of contrast-enhancing filters designed specifically for the low vision patient.


  • $69.50

    Glasses Fit-Over Low Vision - Yellow

    Low Vision Series

    100% UVA / UVB protection. Optical lenses without aberrations. Frame in Black color. Night Driving Low Vision at the best online prices The Low v...

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  • $39.99

    Glasses Fit Over Low Vision

    Low Vision Series

    Ultraviolet radiation 400nm. Contrast Enhancement. Especial Macular Degeneration. 100% Blue Blocker. Buy Sunglass Fit Over on Low Vision MiamiTh...

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  • $34.50

    Night Driving Glasses Pilot Yellow Filter

    Low Vision Series

    Glasses for night driving. High Quality Glasses Helps increase contrast. Metal Frames Gold. The best Night Driving GlassesEnhanced CR39 double si...

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  • $29.90

    Pilot Computer Glasses Blue Filter

    Low Vision Series

    UV Blocking Glasses. Computer glasses. Blue light blocking glasses. Buy Anti Glare Computer Glass Blue glasses alleviate the symptoms of digital ...

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  • $34.90

    Flip-Up Rectangle Filter

    Low Vision Series

    Polar AB lenses block glare. Blocks 100% UVA/UVB. UV blocking requirements. Blends well with most spectacles. New Flip up Polarized Lenses The le...

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