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TV Spectacles - Vision Hands-Free Binoculars


New TV Spectacles for far  Vision 

Enjoy a clearer view and hands-free convenience, whether you are pursuing a favorite hobby or attending a sporting event, at home watching TV or out fishing Coil Ophthalmic 'Vision' Hands-Free Spectacle Binoculars are a novel magnifying system offering unlimited potential for recreational use.

Worn just like traditional spectacles, the lightweight binoculars give 2x magnification while keeping both hands free. Two side-mounted rotary wheels give precise focus control and can be adjusted to give independent focus for each eye. The front lens is made from Acrylic and optimized to give a sharp image with minimal distortion.

Coil 'Vision' Spectacle Binoculars are ideal for indoor activities such as TV, theatre or opera and uniquely suited to outdoor pursuits such as fishing, bird watching and flying radio-controlled planes.

Protective carry case included. Low-distortion 2X optimized lens for sharp images, reduces glare for outdoor activities;Each eye is focused separately for optimum clarity.