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Spectacle Magnifiers Prismatic - Diopter Hi Power

SKU GF35050
  • Appearance of normal spectacles.
  • Strong prism effects incorporated.
  • Acetate frame.
  • Aspheric Lens.

Appearance of normal spectacles. Perfect reading glasses

Magnifying spectacles are hands free magnifiers designed for viewing near objects for an extended period of time, such as reading. Worn as normal reading glasses they have stronger lenses which can magnify close objects. Objects have to be held much closer to see them clearly but it enables you to have both hands free.

Prismatic glasses help focus near vision and reduce eyestrain while reading.

Lenses measures 45mm.
Availables: +5.0 D ,+6D , +8 D , +10 D
With internal prisms
Frame Carey

Prismatic Spectacle MagnifierBinocular half-eye spectacle magnifiers are recommended for prolonged reading because the strong base-in prism effect relieves the convergence effort
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