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Smartphone Optics Adapter


New Smartphone Optics Adapter

Use the Smartphone Optics Adapter 2.0 Universal Smartphone Optics Digiscoping Adapter, to connect your smartphone to your preferred optic; binoculars, monocular, spotting scopes, telescopes, microscopes, borescopes, slit lamps, night vision and more!

Now, you can digitally record and capture everything you see through your optical device and share instantly via text, email or on social media. The patented Smartphone Optics Adapter has been designed to accommodate all the popular smartphones on the market. It is super compact, lightweight and offers a user-friendly design.

Connecting your smartphone to your optic is quick and easy. The exclusive, phone clamp and optic cam lock ensures a tight grip to both your phone and optic.

It fits a wide range of optics with an outer eyepiece diameter of 25-58mm. Go ahead and capture your adventures and discoveries through the eyes of your preferred optic. Now sharing those images and videos has never been so easy!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Richard F.J.

The clarity is close to perfect, the handling is comfortable + the quality is strong. I suggest getting a tripod Thank You

Marina Ahmad
Adaptador perfecto para mi consulta Oftalmologica

Luego de probar con otros adaptadores costosos, me compre este y se adapta perfecto a mi Lampara de Hendidura