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Pilot Computer Glasses Blue Filter

SKU GF843k
  • UV Blocking Glasses.
  • Computer glasses.
  • Blue light blocking glasses.

Buy Anti Glare Computer Glass

  • Blue glasses alleviate the symptoms of digital eye strain whilst filtering out the harmful blue violet light.
  • Blue Light Filter UV Blocking Glasses.
  • Glasses can block 99% harmful blue light. Great for computer/cell phone users/pc game players.
  • Help protect your eyes from 100% UV Blue rays, sunlight damage or anti-glare.
  • You can still enjoy your device from the comfort of your bed and get a restful deeper sleep.
  • This pair of eyeglasses gives you a perfect classy fit, thanks to its trendy and fashionable design as well as the aesthetic appeal.
  • Color. Gold METAL FRAME PILOT - Standard Size
  • No optical prescription (Neutral )