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Page Magnifier Fresnel Magnifying Lens

SKU LU04858

Experience exceptional clarity with our extraordinary flat fresnel magnifying lens.

Crafted from high-quality fresnel plastic, this lens ensures distortion-free optics in a convenient page format. Ideal for optical experiments, case designs, and sighting systems, our fresnel-like design sets a new standard.

Featuring 2x magnification, this lens is meticulously manufactured with a thickness of 2.2 mm, providing a perfect balance of durability and functionality. The dimensions of 8.4 in x 0.1 in x 11.0 in make it versatile for various applications.

Why choose Fresnel lenses?

These loupes offer significant advantages, especially when mass-produced in large sizes with minimal weight, thanks to their thickness of up to 2 mm. The result is a cost-effective alternative to traditional loupes. The thinner the lens, the more economical it becomes, making it an excellent choice for those seeking quality at an affordable price. Delve into the world of Fresnel lens design—a marvel of thin and flat optical ingenuity.

Comprising a series of fine concentric grooves on the surface of a transparent sheet of lightweight plastic, this design allows for magnified images to be seamlessly observed. Elevate your optical experience with the innovation and affordability of our flat fresnel magnifying lens.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
I bought this magnifier pages for my grandmother, and it has been a lifesaver.

She can now enjoy her favorite hobbies without straining her eyes. The ease of use and quality of the product are excellent.

Alberto Mendez
Regalo perfecto a mi madre

Me llego esta lupa tamaño hoja de papel y la calidad precio ideal, recomiendo para personas con poco vision.

Carlos U
Muy buena ayuda

Compre esta lupa plana para mirar la pantalla de mi computadora, me ayuda para leer letras pequeñas

Lisa V
Best product

I confess I was bit skeptical about ordering magnifiers online. I'm glad I took a chance.