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Noves Monocular System Eyewear

SKU GF24889

Best ultra then lenses MONOCULAR

Eschenbach has continued its tradition of innovation with the introduction of the noves system. The noves system is the first eyewear ever produced to feature diffractive optical structures to magnify the image for the user. Thanks to years of research and millions of dollars in investments, Eschenbach's noves lenses, at less than 5mm in thickness can provide the magnifying power of refractive lenses more than twice as thick and many times the weight. And, noves lenses represent the first low vision eyewear that is truly subtle, yet attractive!

The new, monocular magnifying with ultra then lenses. The ideal system for monocular near correction and the attractive and functional frame design means a high degree of acceptance when wearing in public.


To order them you have to select right or left eye


Lens Type: Aspheric-Diffractive

Lens Material: PXM Plastic

Lens Coating: Cera-Tec Coating

Temple Design: Spring-hinged, removable sheath allows temples to be shortened

Frame Size: 42 mm

Temple Size: 145 mm

Bridge Size: 23 mm

Miscellaneous: Soft Silicone Nose Pads