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MaxTV - Magnifying Glasses - Eschenbach 1624-11

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SKU GF1613
  • Telescopic distance system.
  • Magnification: 2.1x.
  • Galilean Lens.
  • Material: PXM Plastic.
  • Made in Germany.

Great glasses to watch TV. Maximize the size of distant objects.

For relaxed and comfortable television viewing - ideal for use at home or when you're out and about e.g. at sporting events, the cinema, the theatre, etc. We obtain much of our daily information from the television. Whatever programes we like to watch - news, sport or documentaries -there's no getting away from the fact that television plays a key role in today's society. MaxTV is the simple solution for relaxed viewing. Ideal for anyone who enjoys watching television and for those with vision problems.


•MaxTV is the simple solution for relaxed viewing. Ideal for anyone who enjoys watching television and also for those with vision problems

•At sporting events, the cinema, the theatre, etc. (here limitationss may occur in the case of large viewing distances and short-sightedness greater than 3.0 dp


•Large PD tolerance range makes the system extremely easy to use.

•Large focusing range means excellent image quality.

•Adjustable temples: Temples with metal wire inserts - to allow the temple to be shaped to provide a good fit.

Technical information:

•Magnification 2.1 x.

•Weight: 49 grams.

•PD tolerance range: 60 - 68 mm.

•Main distance of use: 3 m.

•Visual field 9° = 1 m / 3 m.

•Diopter compensation: ±3.0 dpt, right/left can be separately adjusted, cylinder correction is not possible.

Why Eschenbach? Eschenbach is world market leader for vision aids. Eschenbach guarantees innovation and brand quality "Made in Germany". Eschenbach is partner for special retailers and the first choice for better vision.

Customer Reviews

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Ya no tengo que sacrificar la comodidad por una visión de lejos

Las gafas telescopicas de Low Vision Miami han cambiado por completo mi perspectiva del mundo que me rodea, ver la television es una perfeccion y ver las cosas a distancia una calidad de las gafas muy buenas

Juan Fernando
La calidad de servicio en Low Vision Miami es insuperable.

Low Vision Miami ofrece productos innovadores y un servicio excepcional. Encontré las herramientas perfectas para mi vida diaria. ¡Son los expertos en baja visión!

Luisa M.
Que maravilla de lupa !!

Hemos comprado muchas , pero esta nueva es excelente calidad de lente, estoy feliz con my nueva lupa La recomendamos 100%

John L
Really loved it!

Very easy to use and work well

Brenda Etencia
Best selection

The best selection of magnifying glasses for Low Vision