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Shipping to Latinamerica - We speak Spanish - Live Chat 24/7

Magnifying Glasses for Near Vision - Eschenbach Germany

  • 2.5 x / dist. 75-300 mm .
  • 3.0 x / dist. 45-200 mm.
  • 4.0 x /dist. 35-250 mm .
  • Made in Germany
  • Achromatic Lens System

RidoMED Galilean System for Near vision.

Eschenbach Galilean telescopes for near are available as monocular or binocular systems. Galilean systems are small, lightweight optical systems that offer a bright image. They consist of a positive objective lens and a negative ocular lens. Frame mounted systems are ideal for extended viewing tasks, whereas hand-held systems excel spotting applications.

Special Features:

Unique adjustable frame allows the system to be fit immediately so it can be used THAT DAY! No lab required!
Adjustable bars for the pupillary distance can be locked in place simply by tightening the screws and using the included lockwasher
Frame features cold bend wire-core temples (150 mm in length) and an adjustable saddle bridge.

Magnification: 2.5x, 3x ,4x
Lens Size: 23 mm
Lens Type: Galilean
Case: Included
Case Material: Vinyl
Mount: Black Plastic
Lens Material: Achromatic Lens System
Temple Length: 155 mm
Bridge: Open Saddle
PD Range: 54-74 mm
Weight: 70 Grams




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