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Magnifying Glasses MaxDetail 2 x -Eschenbach 1624-51 (for near)

SKU GF1614
  • 2.0x magnification.
  • Adjustable focus.
  • Made in Germany.

Do you have trouble reading books, newspapers, the print on computer screens, labels on medicine ...

Do your friends have trouble reading books, newspapers, the print on computer screens, labels on medicine bottles, ingredients on food packages, train schedules, recipes, menus in restaurants, or their mail?

Eschenbach has manufactured a new product that will take the effort out of all of these activities and make them as easy to do as they once were. Introducing MAXDetail glasses!

These hands-free, head-mounted glasses provide 2x magnification and can be adjusted so that each eye lens can be focused separately , making the system adaptable to most patients. The glasses will focus on near objects with working distances of 16 inches and are perfect for any near viewing activity where a magnified image is helpful.


  • Magnification: 2x
  • Lens Size: 32mm
  • Case: Included
  • Case Material: Framed nylon with zipper
  • Lens Material: PXM Plastic
  • Miscellaneous: Can be adjusted (+/- 3D) for spherical correction
  • Display: Available
  • Temple Length: 135mm
  • Bridge: Open Saddle
  • Frame Size: 137mm
  • Working Distance: 16 inches
  • Visual Field: 20 degrees
  • PD Range: 60mm - 68mm

Why EschenbachOptik ?

  • Eschenbach is world market leader for vision aids.
  • Eschenbach guarantees innovation and brand quality "Made in Germany".
  • Eschenbach is partner for special retailers and the first choice for better vision

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Highly recommended 100%

Furthermore, Eschenbach's optical quality ensures sharp and distortion-free vision, enabling you to enjoy an exceptional visual experience at all times. Whether you need visual assistance for reading or performing detailed activities, Eschenbach's Bifocal Magnifying Glasses are the perfect choice to enhance your quality of life.

Mary A
Impressive quality!

The optical coating makes a noticeable difference, offering bright and clear images.

Lisa M
The magnification the nearly blind needs!

The product works as advertised. Clear magnification.

Alejandro Pedraza
Gafas lupas para coser!

Nunca pensé que esta gafas me funcionarían también para mis hobbies y manualidades. Calidad precio excelentes