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Magnifier Stand 6x Eschenbach 2626

SKU LU7315
  • Magnification 6 x
  • Lens: Aspheric PXM
  • Mount: White plastic frame

Wonderful cheap price Eschenbach

Eschenbach High Power Stand Magnifiers are ideal for any visual task that requires high magnification.

The transparent, plastic base lets in maximum light for clear, bright viewing.

All have an open base base for writing underneath

Magnification/dioptric value/ideal eye-lens distance printed on all lens heads.

Magnification 6 x

Lens: Aspheric PXM® lightweight lens with cera-tec® scratch resistance coating

Mount: White plastic frame

Base: Transparent plastic base provides easy access to material being viewed

Note: Open base for writing

The reliability of Eschenbach products is also supported by such engineering developments as cera-tec® coating which makes plastic lenses 99% as hard as glass, and our proprietary lens material PXM® which allows for lightweight optical solutions in the most demanding designs.