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Magnifier Portable Video Digital Carina 5.0

SKU LT9491
  • Screen size: 5.0” HD.
  • Magnification : 3x to 48x .
  • Dual lens: Far & Near.
  • The most powerful magnifiers.

Best Magnifier Portable for The Visually Impaired People

This product is a 5-inch high-definition portable video magnifier with high performance and high cost performance, which is launched by our company officially. The new platform, enables top speed 60fps, no stagnation, no image tail, fluent

5 inches ultra-large screen with the resolution of 800 x 480, brings enjoyment of high-definition large-size screen. The of the design of ergonomic brackets, which can make reading comfortably and writing smoothly.

Supporting infinite enlargement from 4x to 48 x,which can make the screen clear and smooth, 26 image intensification models which can make it suitable for the needs of
different people. Suitable for : cataract, glaucoma, macular degeneration, optic atrophy, retinopathy, high myopia, congenital cataract, nystagmus, albinism, elder man who is in low vision.

Supporting the function of voice prompt which is simple to operate and convenient for the visually impaired people. The adjustable backlight which can make eyes comfortable and protect eyes at the same time; the backlight can be adjusted and closed, which makes it suitable for reading materials on the phone. tablet PC and so on.

AV and external high-definition TV through HDMI 1080i60, which can provide larger and clearer visual effect. Adoption of high-capacity detachable battery with extreme power saving design ,which can provide about 4 hours of battery life. The intelligent power saving design enables automatically shut down in 2 minutes after the screen is static and has no operation, energy-saving and eco-friendly.

Solution for Macular Degeneration

Technical Index

Screen size: 5.0” HD colorful LCD screen (800 x 480)

Magnification rate: 3x to 48x infinite amplifying

Pixel size: 1.2million megapixel of telescopic lens, 0.3million megapixel of near focal lens

Color pattern: 26 kinds

Dual lens: Far & Near

Regulation of Fill-in light: support

Regulation of luminance: support

Memory function: support

Image freeze: support

Electronic Curtain: support

Storage and playback: support

Flashlight function: support

TV output: support AV RCA and HDMI 1080i60

Voice prompt: support

Holder handle: support

Working hours: last over 4 hours

Battery capacity: 3200mAH high-capacity rechargeable lithium battery

Dimension: 150mm(length)x 84mm(width)x 30mm(height)

Weight: 205 g (including the battery)

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Hand Held Magnifying Glass

A great buy at a reasonable price.

Muy facil de usar

Que buena compra es perfecta para leer con degeneracion de la macula, me resuelve mi diario

Leticia R
Me dejo impresionado la lupa

He tenido otras ayudas visuales por mi problema de glaucoma, sin embargo esta que he comprado es ideal por su cambio de colores de pantalla y grandes aumentos

Denis C.

I bought this to inspect stamps, this has been a good purchase.

Marilyn M
Buena Lupa Digital

La relacion precio calidad excelente, la pantalla es muy brillante y clara. Ideal para mi problema de la Macula