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Magnifier Series Mobilux LED -ESCHENBACH


Embark on a journey with our new Mobilux series of illuminated hand-held magnifiers.

Featuring state-of-the-art LED illumination technology that brings a plethora of remarkable benefits. SMD LED (Surface-Mounted Device Light Emitting Diode) illumination offers a uniquely whiter spectrum and an extended lifespan, providing nearly limitless usage for up to 50,000 hours! Compared to traditional incandescent bulbs, our LED bulbs ensure batteries last up to 5 times longer, resulting in significantly reduced usage costs and enhanced usability. For added versatility, we include small yellow filters to soften the light's color, offering an alternative illumination option.

Explore the outstanding features of the new Mobilux series: Ergonomic handle design with a large, user-friendly ON/Off switch High-quality springs in the battery compartment for effortless battery changes Easily accessible battery cover for seamless opening and closing Complimentary protective case to safeguard the lens cover and 2 AA batteries Step-Up Technology: The step-up converter ensures consistent illumination by regulating the LED power supply, delivering efficiency levels exceeding 80%.

This active miniature switching regulator also contributes to superior brightness, offering illumination that is over 50% brighter than competitors. Cera-tec® Coating Technology: Developed in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute, Eschenbach Optik's proprietary cera-tec® coating provides exceptional durability, making the lenses nearly as hard as glass. Unlike non-ceratec® lenses, which experience a significant reduction in clarity, Eschenbach's cera-tec® coated lenses maintain clarity and extend product lifespan, reducing replacement costs.

Magnification options: 4.0x, 5.0x, 6.0x, 7.0x, 10x, 12x

llumination: SMD LED

Lens Type: Aspheric

Case: Protective leatherette case included

Power Source: 2 AA Batteries 

Handle: Ergonomic design with easy on/off switch

Lens Material: PXM Plastic with Cera-tec Coating

Value Proposition: Beyond the initial purchase price, consider the usage cost over time, including battery replacement expenses. The yearly battery cost for Eschenbach Mobilux® LED magnifiers is approximately one-third of other brands. Furthermore, thanks to Eschenbach's superior ISO 9001 manufacturing process, Mobilux® LED magnifiers last longer and require less frequent replacement, resulting in usage costs up to 40% lower than other brands over a 5-year period. Experience unparalleled quality and value with Eschenbach Mobilux® LED magnifiers!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Ideal para actividades al aire libre. Uso esta lupa de mano con LED

cuando salgo de excursión y es perfecta para examinar mapas y leer señales pequeñas. La luz LED brillante y la portabilidad hacen que sea una herramienta imprescindible para mis aventuras al aire libre.

Perfecta para mis proyectos de bricolaje.

Como aficionada al bricolaje, esta lupa de mano con LED ha sido una adición invaluable a mi caja de herramientas. La luz brillante y la lente de aumento clara hacen que sea mucho más fácil trabajar en proyectos detallados

Excelente compra para mi madre ¡¡

Siempre compraba las lupas en internet, pero estas superan la calidad de vision y su luz es estupenda 100% recomiendo

Martha D
Lente sin distorsiones

La visual de esta lupa es muy buena ademas con la luz led es impresionante