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Linen Tester Technical Magnifiers


For the most demanding professionals or amateurs.

Thread Counting Magnifiers for Professionals

Historically, they were used to verify the quality of woven fabrics. They are also used for a wide range of professions: graphic design, desktop publishing, film negatives, document copying, and even jewelry.

The purpose of using thread count magnifiers is to inspect quality, measure fine structures, color separations in digital publishing or to evaluate stamps, coins, prints or negatives. They are also very useful for taking pictures of the object through the lens.

These high-quality metal magnifiers are preferred for professional use and are made in Germany, which is good to know if you are looking for quality materials and optics. We have selected the most common of the best quality while taking into account all price ranges.

For the most demanding professionals or amateurs, the Eschenbach series of thread counting loupes manufactured entirely in Germany allows you to observe any sample or object, comfortably without peripheral or chromatic distortions due to its excellent optics of its lenses.


The very resistant body in matt chromed metal.

Foldable in three parts.

Biconvex lens in silicate mineral material.

Premium optical quality

Available: 5.0x/ 6.0x / 8.0 x / 10 x magnification.