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Shipping to Latinamerica - We speak Spanish - Live Chat 24/7

FL-41 Light Rose Filter for Migraine

Color: Rose Dark

The FL-41filter is a ‘boysenberry-ish’ colored tint that can help ease:

 Migraine headaches,


 Light-triggered seizures,

CVS (Computer Vision Syndrome), and

 Other light-sensitive/triggered conditions.

The FL-41 Rose Filters are designed to help those with light sensitivity due to migraines, traumatic brain injury and other eye conditions. The rose color lenses reduce glare and provide eye relief.

Light Rose and Dark Rose. The Light Rose tint color is recommended for indoor use and has a light transmission of 50%. The Dark Rose tint color is recommended for outdoor use and has approximately 25% light transmission. Both of the rose filters block 100% of UVA/ UVB light.

The Haven frames are both fit-over styles which include top and side shields and are designed to fit over prescription glasses. 

All FL-41 Rose Filters include bend-to-fit temples providing a comfortable, custom fit and each pair comes with a microfiber pouch that can be used to clean the lenses as well.


Style: Black Haven (Fits-over) Frame

Tint Color: Dark & Light Rose

Wavelength cutoff: Blocks 50% light transmission

Dimensions: Fits over size: 132 x 41 mm

Accessories: Microfiber pouch included

 How does the FL-41 filter work? 

Although we are not completely sure why FL-41 improves light sensitivity, it seems to have something to do with the wavelengths/spectrums of light that are filtered out.  FL-41 filters out certain wavelengths of blue and green. These colors are thought to be particularly bothersome to patients with light sensitivity. By blocking these wavelengths of light, this filter also improves contrast and sharpness which increases visual acuity.