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FL-41 Clip-on Lenses. Eschenbach Optik

SKU GF03499
Tint Lens

Eschenbach's Filter

The FL41 clips are specifically crafted for individuals experiencing heightened sensitivity to light (photophobia) that triggers migraines. The FL-41 filter aims to alleviate conditions such as migraines, blepharospasm, CVS (computer vision syndrome), and other light-sensitive conditions.

This filter effectively blocks the wavelength of light around 484 nm, a source of discomfort in light sensitivity associated with migraines.

Furthermore, the clips provide 100% protection against UVA/UVB light.

Glasses are therapeutic glasses with a special filter that filter out light that can trigger or worsen migraines and headaches, post-concussion syndrome, vestibular disorders and other light-sensitive conditions.

There are three Acunis FL-41 Clip-on Lenses available, one in each tint that the Acunis Eyewear come with including 25%, 50% and 75% light absorption.

The lenses can be clipped onto the patient’s existing eyewear, or a pair of plano eyewear for demonstration. Lenses flip up and out of the way when not needed.

Clip features rubber grips and opens 12mm wide to accommodate most lenses

  • Specs:
  • Tint Color: Available in 25%, 50% and 75%
  • Dimensions: 130 mm x 50 mm 
  •  Miscellaneous: Protective case included

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Gran diferencia

Desde que me llegaron no me los quito, buena solucion los recominedo

Marc Brackley
A big help for migrains

These are very high quality lenses and well made clamp. My migraines are triggered largely by smart devices and computers, and FL-41 filters provide me with a significant amount of relief but I wear prescription glasses and I’m very happy to have found these clip-on lenses. I recommend the expedited shipping option as international shipping may be involved.

Pedro Rodriguez
Altamente recomendado

Increíbles filtros

Mary T
Good sunglasses

Great quality, light weight, and great price!

Aida Mendoza
Mi Vision es nítida y clara

El sistema de quitar y poner me gusta porque los utilizo con todos mis lentes con graduaciones