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Dental Loupe Student Clip On Binocular


New Loupe System with CLIP

Clip-on Galileo Student Loupes brings you the greatest comfort with the best vision, sporting an extremely wide field of view and very clear vision. These professional medical devices are designed for precise dental surgery or other high-precision procedures.

They are manufactured with a robust and strong clamp to place on protective or safety glasses, they also incorporate an arm to be able to move them up according to the needs of your work.

The optical system is equipped with an advanced achromatic coating that reduces light reflection to 0.3%, allowing very bright and clear images with a wide field of view. This will reduce fatigue on your eyes and provide comfortable vision.

These magnifying glasses do not come with glasses you must use your own or safety frames.

Choosing these loupes allows you a better posture, helping to prevent neck and back pain, as well as eye fatigue and allowing you to be at your best for accurate and efficient dental work.


Available Magnification: 2.5x or 3.5 x

Optical system: Galileo Frame

Color: Black

Angle of view and distance between pupils: Adjustable

Field of View: 130mm

Working distance: 42 cm

Total Weight: 1.4 Oz / 40 gr


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Luis Martinez
Excelente lupa

Personal bien informado: Cada pregunta que tenía fue respondida de manera clara y comprensible. El personal demuestra un conocimiento profundo en su campo.

Brian M
Good quality for the price

I’m a dental hygienist of 8 years. This is my first pair of loupes and love them!

Justo lo que necesitaba mi asistente.

Lupas para dentistas e higienistas, son faciles de colocar en las gafas y tienen buen aumento

Dental Institut
Increibles y economicos

Tome la decision de comprar este sistema de lupas para mi trabajo de higienista dental, y estoy contenta con los resultados en mi trabajo.