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Dental Loupe Student Binocular

SKU LU7235

Dental Loupe Optical Glass

Excellent quality and price, buy the Surgical Loupes

The new dental loupes for students and professionals who require moderate magnifications 3.5x or 2.5X In addition to its sports and panoramic frames with frontal reinforcement to offer greater stability to the loupes.

Successful very light Flip-Up system with arm to raise and lower the magnifying glasses according to the needs of the moment. In addition, it has an adjustment device that regulates the distance between the pupils and another to adjust the visual convergence.

The lenses are manufactured with excellent Optical technology, its Galilean design allows the user better professional performance, thanks to its characteristics of excellent luminosity, field of vision dimensions and depth of field.

This system includes the protective frame with the high resistance panoramic lenses.

Total weight of: 85 grs.

• Flip Grip, Ultra light.

• Flexible Rods.

• Distance between pupils: Adjustable.

• Approximate working distance 42 cm.

• Available 2.5x. or. 3.5 x Magnification


Customer Reviews

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Erica W.

As a student I didn't have to much $$$ to spend on a pair of custom loupes from another company.
I have had these for a few months now and they are fantastic.