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Bifocal Magnifying Glasses by Eschenbach

SKU GF00459

The MiniFrame Bifo by Eschenbach is a specialized eyewear solution for low vision patients, offering the convenience of two different lens powers in one pair of glasses. Key features include:

Bifocal Design: The glasses feature a bifocal design with two distinct lens segments for different focal lengths. The top segment of each lens has a 3D power, while the bottom segment is available in options of +4.5D, +6D, or +7.5D.

Frame Colors: The MiniFrame Bifo  Grey 

Hands-Free Solution: Designed to meet the needs of more severely presbyopic patients, the MiniFrame Bifo offers a hands-free solution. It is ideal for individuals who require both low-powered readers for normal text and high-powered prismatic eyewear for fine print reading.

Dual Use Value: The glasses provide dual use value, serving both as reading glasses and allowing users to engage in hands-free tasks such as handwriting or working in the kitchen.


Lens Type: Bifocal

Lens Material: PXM Plastic

Lens Coating: Surface Coating

Temple Design: Molded one-piece bridge, no sharp edges

Frame Size: 50 mm

Temple Size: 130 mm

Bridge Size: 24 mm PD Range: 59-68mm

Accessories: Protective leatherette case (included)

These features make the MiniFrame Bifo a versatile and practical choice for individuals with low vision, offering both functionality and style.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
calidad óptica de Eschenbach excelente

Me asegura una visión nítida y sin distorsiones, lo que me permite disfrutar de una lectura visual comoda en todo momento.

Juan Manuel
Super util para mi poca vision

Tengo glaucoma, y estas gafas son mi solucion para ver cosas pequeñas y letras tamaño reducidas

Beatriz Muller
Muy nítida imagen !!!

Hoy recibí mis gafas , me quedé muy satisfecha con la calidad del lente. Altamente recomendado

Sebastian L
Envio a Chile Perfecto ¡

Compre estos lentes bifocales para baja vision, y veo la letra pequeña sin dificultad ademas el envio a mi pais muy seguro y rapido