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Bar Magnifier 2606 & 2608 by Eschenbach

SKU LU7385
  • Magnifying rulers
  • Size: 250 x 35 mm
  • Size: 122 x 26 mm
  • Made Germany

The best magnifying rulers brand in the world

The main feature to increase font size in only one direction, these bars allow prolonged reading without eye strain.

Reading bars are particularly suitable for very wide lines read printed with computer printer.

With Red Guide Line

Acrylic optical lens

Image scale cylindrical 2.0 x.

BRAND Eschenbach Germany
LENS MATERIAL Plastic with Coating
LENS TYPE Plane-Convex
SIZE 122 mm – length & 250 mm – length

Perfect With Red Guide Linereading bar



Eschenbach is world market leader for vision aids. Eschenbach guarantees innovation and brand quality "Made in Germany". Eschenbach is partner for special retailers and the first choice for better vision.