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Shipping to Latinamerica - We speak Spanish - Live Chat 24/7

Adjustable Low Vision Eyeglasses

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Adjustable Low Vision Eyeglasses _ Best Seller_

Is the fully adjustable eyeglasses that let you match your prescription. It’s the perfect backup pair of glasses should something happen to your regular pair.Then adjust the right eye. It’s that easy.

Adjustable Low Vision Eyeglasses has a flexible frame to fit all size heads and impact-resistant lenses to help prevent breaking. These customizable glasses are unisex. Use as womens eyeglasses or mens eyeglasses.

Adjustable Low Vision Eyeglasses can be adjusted from -6D to +3D power.

• Adjustable dials-Turn the dials to adjust for distance or reading instantly 

• Great as spare eye glasses

• Impact resistant lenses, flexible frames

• Adjustable nose pads 

• Great for men and women

Note: Low Vision Glasses is not intended to replace your current eyeglasses, nor substitute the advice given by your eye doctor. Use Adjustable Low Vision Eyeglasses as a backup pair of glasses. Regular eye examines encouraged.