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Currently I found glaucoma in my two eyes and with my close-up lenses I could not read my magazines or the newspaper, so I discovered the products of Low Vision Miami and for me it was the solution to my problem. I bought some magnifying glasses and Some filters to protect my eyes. The attention is great. 

Customer - Hialeah Gardens - Florida

It has been a great satisfaction to meet the staff of Low Vision Miami, they are professionals and they have a lot of knowledge about people with visual impairments, they have given me ideal solutions to be able to watch television with special lenses for this purpose. Highly recommended!

Customer – Staten Island -Nueva York

 Magnificent online shopping experience, acquired glasses with filters and great value for money. I am happy with my purchase!


Customer – Harrisburg – Pensilvania


It includes a crossing of the Low Vision Miami website, an electronic magnifying glass and it solves my daily reading, it is impressive and at the best price.

Customer – Miami – Florida