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New products for visually impaired

Discover the best Visual Impairment Aids in our Online Store. Find the top 50 most popular items in Low Vision Miami. Electronic Magnifiers, Talking Devices, Big Button Calculator , Magnifying glasses and TV Glasses and Especial Filters

Find the best selection of Mini Telescope 

for Low Vision 

 Especially for people with Glaucoma and

Macular Degeneration

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Customer Testimonials

Andrew Thompson

low vision store

Customer - West Palm Beach -Florida

valoracion low vision miami

Recently I asked online for a magnifying glass to see the newspaper better and be delighted with the delivery service and how quickly it came home. I will recommend it to all my friends!

Mitchael McConnell

Cliente Atlanta

Customer - Hapeville - Georgia 

estrellas de low vision miami

I have Retinitis Pigmentosa and I bought in Low Vision Miami, some lenses with filters and a pair of magnifying glasses to carry in my pockets at the best price.

Ashley Brown

cliente de low vision miami

Customer - Harrisburg - Pensilvania 

valoracion low vision miami

It includes a crossing of the Low Vision Miami website, an electronic magnifying glass and it solves my daily reading, it is impressive and at the best price.

Matthew Leann

Cliente Americano

Customer - Staten Island -Nueva York  

valoracion low vision miami

Magnificent online shopping experience, acquired glasses with filters and great value for money. I am happy with my purchase!

Dalia Hernández

Customer - Hialeah Gardens - Florida

valoracion low vision

Currently I found glaucoma in my two eyes and with my close-up lenses I could not read my magazines or the newspaper, so I discovered the products of Low Vision Miami and for me it was the solution to my problem. I bought some magnifying glasses and Some filters to protect my eyes. The attention is great.

Maria Luis García

maria luis cliente

Customer - Miami - Florida valoracion low vision miami

Without a doubt in the Low Vision Miami store, you will find the best items for people with visual and blind deficiencies.

Ernesto Padilla

abuelo con baja vision

Customer - Kendall - Florida 

estrellas de low vision miami

After searching everywhere, I got the store of products for people with low vision, Low Vision Miami, good professional experience. I recommend them to all who suffer from vision loss.

Adele Williams

custormer low vision

Customer - Fort Lauderdale -Florida

valor low vision

It has been a great satisfaction to meet the staff of Low Vision Miami, they are professionals and they have a lot of knowledge about people with visual impairments, they have given me ideal solutions to be able to watch television with special lenses for this purpose. Highly recommended!

Júlia Guimarães

Cliente brazilian

Customer - Sao Paulo -Brazil

valor low vision

On my trip to Miami they informed me about the Low Vision Miami Company and I went to visit them, I was delighted with all their products, I bought a digital magnifying glass that has solved my daily life, what a great invention.

Mary Díaz

Clienta satisfecha low vision miami

Customer - Buenos Aires - Argentina 

estrellas de low vision miami

I bought at the Low Vision Miami store, a watch that tells me the time and a special cell phone for the visually impaired. A success!

Carmen Hernández

cliente de venezuela

Customer - Caracas - Venezuela 

valoracion low vision miami

I really liked the attention and they understood me perfectly about my vision problem, they offered me the best solution. I will recommend it to doctors in my country.

José Hernández Hernández

Cliente Mexicano

Customer - Guadalajara - Mexico

valoracion low vision miami

In Mexico I have not got the visual aids for my visual problem and on a trip to Florida I visited the offices of Low Vision Miami, I bought electronic magnifying glasses and filter lenses at a good price and the magnificent attention.

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